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What material are eyelashes made of?

The KK Collection provides 100% mink fur eyelashes resusable up to 30+ wears with proper care.


Are your eyelashes cruelty free?

The KK Collection does not practice animal cruelty in the  production of our mink fur eyelashes.


How do I maintain my The KK Collection eyelashes?

We recommend our supporters clean their eyelashes at least once a week using methods listed on our "Not a Tutorial" page.

Please be advised that your eyelashes are delicate and overtime you will see shedding. This is normal! 


What is your shipping and return policy?

The KK Collection processes and fills orders for our loyal supporters same day if order is placed before 2pm. All new supporters please allow 2-3 business days for processing and shipping. We are diligent and normally process orders within 48hrs.

The KK Collection does not accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of the products we provide.


Do you offer in-person deliveries/pick up options?

The KK Collection does offer in-person delivery/pick up options. We ask that you purchase your products online and select the "Contact Me" option during checkout. We will contact you within 48hrs regarding a meeting or pickup location. Normally, we contact you immediately after your purchase to reassure you that your order is being processed!


Is your eyelash adhesive safe for anyone with allergies?

Yes, The KK Collection eyelash adhesive is a great option for supporters with allergies or looking for an adhesive that will work great with sensitive eyes. Our eyelash adhesive is not rubber-based and does not contain harsh chemicals/ingredients.


Do you offer PR packages?

Yes, The KK Collection offers PR packages. Check our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates!

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