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Make Life a Little Easier!

You will learn how to apply your lashes at your convenience. Learn how to clean and store your lash pairs. Mink fur lashes are reusable up to 30 wears with proper care!

Cleaning TIPS!

1. Gently pull lashes from your eyes- inside to the outer edge

2. Use your favorite type of oil (coconut, Jamaican, olive etc.) and a q-tip to remove excess glue and eyeshadow from your false lashes. Please, also clean your natural lashes!

3. Place lashes in hot water for 2-5 minutes (you may add dish soap or shampoo)

4. Remove from water and rinse to remove any additional soap/shampoo (if added into the water). Then gently remove excess glue from band of lashes

5. Place wet lashes back in original package to let air dry 

*** Yes, there may be shedding after 3rd cleaning, which is to be expected

***Yes, try to clean your lashes once a week

***If you follow these steps your lashes will last 30+ wears!

***Yes, you may see some difference in the texture of your mink fur lashes after placing them in water. We suggest using a spoolie to gently brush the hairs of your lashes. This will help bring the lashes back to their original glory!

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